The Company

Marnick Press was established in 2005 as an independent publisher of small works by new and upcoming authors. Initially it published the works of its founder, but soon branched out into collections by other authors. The publishing world can be extremely difficult to break into and new writers can soon become discouraged by the lack of interest in their work by the big production houses, and the overwhelming number of choices available for self-publication.

Thankfully there are ways to get your book on the market and available internationally, and Marnick Press was created to make that available to those with no publishing or marketing experience.

The Founder / Author

Martin VanWoudenberg was born in 1972, worked his way through school and university and found himself in the high-tech field. When the Internet became available to the general public he was with the first groups of people who began to create and design web sites. For over fourteen years he has worked with a wide variety of small, medium and home-based businesses. Realtors, Financial Planners, Technology Companies, Non-Profits and numerous industries have relied on his knowledge and artistic style to present their companies online.

Passionate about literature and history, Martin returned to university in 2003 to pursue an English and History degree. Through support of faculty and fellow students, he published his first collection of poetry, Naked Shall I Return. Response from readers and audiances at poetry readings has been overwhelmingly positive. The degree led to a career in education, and he currently teaches English, History, and Law at the high-school level.

Married since 1995, Martin and Nicole have four fantastic children. A desire to instill a love for literature in younger readers has led to the creation of several children's books, currently being illustrated. Using his own young ones, and parenting experience as inspiration, his writing is sure to strike a cord with parents and children alike.

A desire to promote strong and lasting marriages has led to the one resource book that every man should have, How to Fake Romance (when your love is real). Here at last is a book that combines humour, practical information, and simple ways for men to keep the spark alive for both them and their wives.

Martin has also spent countless hours researching, training and writing for and about the Internet. His technology articles have appeared on different web sites and in local publications. His "Introduction to the Web" guide has served as a springboard for many small business people who wanted to learn to design themselves.

Martin is also a regular contributor to the literary journal, The Pacific Rim Review of Books, where he reviews poetry and non-fiction. Several articles have been republished in book format in the anthology titled Against the Shore: The Best of Pacific Rim Review of Books, and in the upcoming Making Waves. Other articles, reviews, and poetry have found their way into print in Down in the Valley, Event Magazine, and a number of websites.