Editing Overview

Books may catch the eye and the interest based on their cover, but they retain a favourable impression grounded in their content. Writing that contains errors and omissions is both unprofessional and unlikely to sell favourably. A well-edited manuscript is the key to success, and pays dividends into possible future books as well.

We strongly encourage authors to commit to several rounds of editing prior to submission. However, many small errors go unnoticed by authors, simply because they are so intimately familiar with their own work that the mistakes are not truly recognized. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference, especially when geared towards creating a final manuscript for print. Our editing services provide a close and methodical reading of your work, correcting issues in spelling, grammar, word choice, verb tense, and the like.

Books that have already gone through a thorough editing may be submitted for publication as-is. In that situation, the author waives the option for further proofing.

If upon the layout and typesetting stage, multiple errors are noted in your manuscript, we may halt production of your book and return it to you for further editing or recommend our editing services before it goes into print.

Editing services are available at a rate of $ 0.010 per word.

Note: We do not provide technical editing for specific fields that contain their own unique form conventions and vocabulary. For example, if your work is a medical text, we will not edit for proper procedure, medical terminology, or other related issues. General writing format and conventions will apply, but specific editing of this nature should be referred to another professional within that field.

Personal or One-on-One editing options

If you wish to spend time fine-tuning your manuscript on a one-to-one basis, or over the phone, we offer that option as well. This would carry a charge over and above the editing services rate listed above. Billing is done based on time, with a $50 / hour rate. In some cases, there may be a series of changes you wish done, and going over them over the phone is more efficient, or will allow you to receive immediate feedback on your suggestions.For many projects, this is not required.

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