Interior Formatting

Before your book can go to press, it needs to be formatted according to the guidelines and sizes determined by the industry and the printing house. Standard market sizes for most fiction and non-fiction is a 6” x 9” format, with specific margins and type settings.

Our formatting services ensure that your manuscript is in the correct size and structure for print, and that it looks as good in its final design as you envisioned it would. Incorrect formatting can cause issues with the printer, or the rejection of your manuscript for this process.

Interior formatting carries a cost of $225.00

Formatting for books that contain images, tables, diagrams, or charts, may carry an additional cost. Picture books and full colour manuscripts may require a custom quote with options. Some of these would need to be printed with specific printing houses that specialize in these formats.



A well-designed cover catches the eye and the reader’s interest. It makes them browse through the book’s details online, or flip it open in a bookstore. It also needs to match the specific layout of your interior content, and meet industry standards for design and format. It requires space set aside for ISBN numbers (depending on options selected), and needs to allow for proper trimming and binding.

Our cover design service ensures your manuscript is wrapped in a standardized, attractive, and professional cover. It will contain your book’s title, the name(s) of the author(s), the book’s back cover copy, and a short author biography.
There are several options available for cover design:

  • Option 01 - Basic cover design - $ 175.00

    With this option, all the technical requirements of your cover will be met, and an attractive format and layout will be chosen for your book. Most printers have several pre-set cover options available, into which your cover text is formatted. Covers of this nature are clean, professional, and functional. However, they often lack the unique impact that a more custom-designed cover would provide.

  • Option 02 - Basic Cover Design with existing image or artwork - $ 200.00

    With this option, all the services detailed above are provided, but your cover itself has a more uniquely-designed look and feel. Covers designed from existing images or artwork can vary widely, but in each case the author provides an image or piece of artwork that they would like to see make up the cover layout. Images can come from personal photo collections, or be selected from stock image sites, such as

    Some formatting and adjustment are often required, and cover images need to come in without title or other text. Those elements are added during the design process.

  • Option 03 - Custom Cover Design with custom imagery or artwork provided by an artist - $ 250.00

    With this option, the author chooses a high-impact and unique cover design for maximum impact. Options here vary widely. We will attempt to connect authors and artists, who will work together to bring a cover to life. We handle the layout and design elements, working with the artist to take their custom artwork and format it into industry-standard guidelines.

    Authors are free to work with an artist of their choice, and provide the final artwork for their cover. In this case, option #2 would apply. If we are facilitating the search for an artist and the various consultations back and forth, then this option applies.


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