Selling your book

Whatever shape your final book ends up taking, the goal of all the preparation is to make sales. For this reason, the online setup of your storefront, marketing, and sales processing is arguably the most important step. It may not be glamorous, but without it all other work is truly only vanity publishing. Our main goal is to see your book available to the widest possible audience, and to see it generating sales.

Traditionally, we have worked with two main companies to make this happen. Depending of your book’s market and purpose, one of the two should serve your needs well.

Lulu Publications and CreateSpace*


Lulu is nice to deal with, pays larger amounts for the author in terms of royalties, and provides greatly-discounted printing costs when ordering your own work. They have an eStore option that would be linked from your book’s page on our site. Ordering is secure and product is sent directly from the printer to the purchaser. Books sold on their marketplace generate revenue for the author, and Lulu will send royalties to you upon request. There are no initial fees or annual fees with Lulu’s services. Our setup with Lulu would include a general audience version, and an author’s-only version for ordering your own book for personal resale.

Lulu does not provide ISBN registration as part of their services, and if required, it would need to be sourced out separately. Small or local publications may not require it.

Online setup of your book at Lulu carries a cost of $100.00

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CreateSpace charges slightly higher fees ($39 start-up and $9 annually per title), but has the advantage of working closely with Here you benefit from their massive exposure and storefront features. An interested purchaser would order from Amazon, the product would be printed by CreateSpace and sent to Amazon for invoicing and packaging, and finally shipped off to the purchaser. Orders are fulfilled quickly, however, so the purchaser sees none of the process and notices no real delay.

Both sides in the transaction take their cut first, and the author gets the rest. Amazon will accept essentially all books for publication, but charges a 40% fee on the sale of each book. This makes royalties significantly less. That exposure and world marketplace comes at a cost, but many authors find the benefits of this service easily justify the lower initial payouts.

CreateSpace also handles all ISBN registration for your book, ensuring it is properly categorized for other online or traditional book sellers.

Royalties are paid out when they reach a certain amount, and are sent to the author automatically. Detailed sales charts and statistics are part of their standard package as well. Authors ordering their own book for personal resale can also buy copies at a greatly-reduced price.

Online setup of your book at CreateSpace carries a cost of $125.00

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Our setup at either location would provide you with a unique login and password for your account, the ability to track all sales and royalties, order your own book at cost, and modify the availability or selling price of your book at any time.

No portion of your book’s sales or royalties are paid to us. Our fees are a one-time cost only.

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* Note: We are not affiliated in any way with either Lulu or CreateSpace, and as such cannot guarantee their services or package offerings. Based on several past experiences, both have proven to be reliable print-on-demand publishers in terms of our projects. Interested authors are free to investigate other options as well. Generally, if printing books for your own copies and for local sales, Lulu is a great bet. If wanting to seriously sell online, CreateSpace offers more options.


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