Naked I Shall Return

Book Purpose

It does no good to pretend that trials and struggles are not a part of our lives on this earth. It does no good to try to ignore them, deny them, or drown them in a substance of choice. Being open, honest (even sometimes brutally), is what begins the process of dealing with hard times.

Whether loss of life, innocence, love, or anything else, this collection of poems seeks to show those who have struggled that they are not alone. More than that, it seeks to give their silent voices expression, and help them move on.

Book Synopsis

Naked I Shall Return is a collection of twenty-six poems, covering laments, rants, reflections, eulogies, satire, and (occasionally) sarcasm, written without euphemism or pretense. Most were written over a period of four months in the fall of 2004, and cover events from life of the poet, as well as events observed in others.

Naked I Shall Return