Our Home and Native Land....Lost
Book One: Fallen Relationships

About the Author

Susan Hearn was born and educated in Saskatchewan.
As an adult she lived in many parts of Canada, the USA
and Asia while raising her family. Her experiences gave
her a well-grounded perspective on social change in
North America. In recent years she returned West and
lives in Calgary

Book Synopsis

Susan Hearn lived through the incredible technological and societal transformations that occurred in Canada in the 1960's. Part of the Boomer generation, she heard the voices challenging the old Judeo-Christian ethics on sexuality, relationships, gender roles and family. The new ideas seemed like a forward-thinking direction for a new post-war generation. But human nature sometimes goes in darker directions than initial good intentions. If this was truly liberation, why are many people feeling empty today? And why are so many family relationships in ruins?

In this collection of remembrances, challenges, and investigations,
Susan Hearn sets out to answer the questions on what brings true
happiness. With her keen wit, and unique perspectives on events
in both the recent and ancient past, she unpacks the hidden
motivations and drives in both men and women. She shows us
where the Boomer generation made their mistakes, and she points
us back to the one source where both human purpose and true
pleasure in relationships are found. Her insights will both challenge
and delight the reader, laying out the essential choices that every
Canadian must make.

218 Pages


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