Our Home and Native Land....Lost
Book Two: Fallen Institutions

About the Author

Susan Hearn was born and educated in Saskatchewan.
As an adult she lived in many parts of Canada, the USA
and Asia while raising her family. Her experiences gave
her a well-grounded perspective on social change in
North America. In recent years she returned West and
lives in Calgary

Book Synopsis

Susan Hearn continues with her look at Canadian social, economic, and political history, in this second book of a series. Now the insights and hard truths hit a little closer to home, as she unpacks the real costs and consequences, of the choices made by the Boomer generation.

Blind and hyped acceptance of liberal-left policies have come at a high social cost and are putting our founding democratic freedoms and justice system at risk. Financial mismanagement and the seeming willingness of government to endorse vice is eroding the very fabric upon which Canada was established. How far are we from “thought police,” the loss of free speech and the loss of the right of Christians to take a public stance in our nation? Susan shines a revealing light on many Canadian institutions. She shows that we need to make some corrections soon, for the future of Canada and the sake of our children's national inheritance.

264 Pages


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