Our Home and Native Land....Lost
Book Three: Fallen World Order

About the Author

Susan Hearn was born and educated in Saskatchewan.
As an adult she lived in many parts of Canada, the USA
and Asia while raising her family. Her experiences gave
her a well-grounded perspective on social change in
North America. In recent years she returned West and
lives in Calgary

Book Synopsis

In this final book in the series, Susan Hearn completes her look at Canadian social, economic, and political history. Her gaze is cast not only to the realities in our world today, but also into the future.

Biblical prophesy, and the clear writing on the wall of current events, brings to light the realities our children will be living under. The one-world government, the intense religious persecution, and the battles at the end of the age are already in the works. As chess pieces are placed carefully around the board, so today’s hybrid men are putting their plans into order. And yet, as Susan explains, they are not the grand masters of the game. There is one who truly controls world events, and He has a place for all of us in the final days

336 Pages


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