How to Fake Romance

Book Purpose

With more and more marriages ending up in divorce every year, it seems almost impossible to keep a relationship alive. There are added pressures placed on each couple and family as they deal with money, careers, children and the future. What's the secret behind a rewarding and lasting partnership with your loved one?

The majority of couples that file for divorce say that they "simply fell out of love". While it is certainly true that the initial feelings of falling in love cannot last, the excitement and romance certainly can. All one needs to know is how to use it.

Book Synopsis

By nature, men are not romantic creatures, nor do they see the need for continued romance. We tolerate the concepts during the chase, but when we settle into "the relationship" there is little thought given to it...except by our significant others.

How to Fake Romance (when your love is real) speaks directly to men at all ages and places in relationships. It presents a wide variety of interesting and unique ways that a man can continue to bring the excitement back into his love life. Each idea is expanded with a list of hilarious potential pitfalls and ways to get added milage from the effort.

Since each couple is likely busy and short of disposable income, all ideas are designed to be completed in ten minutes or less and for the lowest amount of money possible. But don't let that fool you... these ideas are guaranteed to have that special someone swept off her feet time and time again.

Why read all that mush and fluff on romance and relationships when you can quickly and easily fake it well enough to fool your lover, her friends, her family... and perhaps even yourself?

Good for women too!

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