Worth A Talk
A Novel for Teens, and those who mentor them

About the Author

Ed’s life has revolved around teens from both sides of
the tracks. For more than 25 years he and his wife
Audrey have visited and counseled inmates in prison.
Also, he continues to serve Stepping Stones Bible
Camp as a chaplain, and in the past 10 years he has
seen first-hand the results of bad choices young people make, as well as the healing effects of the Gospel when its principles are applied.

Because of his passion for kids a community leader once called him an anomaly among his peers. Ed scorns the commonly-held opinion that young people are responsible for the generation gap between the elderly and themselves. Instead he says, “It is not teenagers who refuse to talk – it is the elderly who refuse to listen.”

Worth A Talk reflects his passion for young people, and serves as a plea to teens to take and make a break from their addictions to Facebook, texting and sexting. His call is for a “Time-Out” to talk about the issues that are critical toward leading a meaningful life instead. .

Book Synopsis

This novel presents a compelling story of haracters–both fractured and wholesome – that the reader can identify with. It is not just an entertaining story; rather, it was written to challenge teens as well as to give guidance to those who mentor them. Through this story the author aims to invite dialogue about the issues that will shape the next generation, as well as to present clear and practical Biblical guidelines.

It deals with issues that are Worth a Talk—as a family around the kitchen table, through intimate chats as peers, by dialogue with caregivers, interactions at study group meetings, or as young lovers trying to define the boundaries for a truly successful life, where ultimately Jesus determines the outcome of every shot in the pool game that is called life.

The book also comes complete with a full study guide, useful for church/youth group discussion, family discussion, and for home schooling curriculum.

598 Pages
Fiction / Study