History 12 is an incredible course. It's also an incredibly big course, with a ton of content. The challenge is to move through the material fast enough to cover the essentials... while mixing in a good amount of variety. The course available here uses a wide range of teaching methods and provides many opportunities for different learning styles to flourish. All you need to run the entire course is provided.

Samples are available on the sidebar, and you are encouraged to take a look at them and see if this fits your needs.

Here's what you get:

  • A full, 100-hour+ history 12 course, meeting BC Education Ministry PLO requirements - The result of over 950 hours of development and design, that has been taught, tested, and modified based on student feedback.

  • Day-by-Day guide with links, details, and complete instructions on how to use every aspect of the course.

  • PowerPoints for every topic, all custom built with over 780 slides... all available to edit or modify as needed.

  • Over 500 mini video clips embedded in slides. These run silently, looping, and without needing to be run on a video player. Content shows historical footage or related video... and some humour too (see PowerPoint sample on the side).

  • Three complete online Webquests on Appeasement, The Holocaust, and the Israeli 1948 war.

  • Links to dozens of videos online, usable in a classroom, and all with assignments/notes provided.

  • A complete student coursepack of 366 pages, with all content needed for the entire year. Students follow along with course, writing key material from slides as you go.

  • Teacher copy of coursepack, with all notes completed, and answer keys for every assignment.

  • Both coursepacks are provided in Word and PDF formats. Edit, rework, add, delete, or use select portions how you choose. Print your own copies for students, or get them bound. The choice is yours.

  • All unit tests and a final exam (with full review material).

  • Master files for every assignment or element used. All can be edited.

  • Maps, Timelines, InfoGraphics, MindMaps, Propaganda assignments, video projects, presentation projects, and more. All with details, rubrics, samples, and marking guides.

  • Online hosting of all webquests and presentation materials used in the course. Students miss a class? No problem. They can catch up on all key material from home.

  • PDF versions of all presentations, for online access, or running on a tablet / smartphone.

  • All future upgrades, changes, and fixes to the course... without cost.



The complete course, with all elements and all future updates - $ 595.00

Order course online (Credit Card / PayPal)

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Order course via order form (Cheque)

You will receive immediate access to main files and all Unit 1 content, as soon as your order form and cheque arrive.
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CoursePack (Student and Teacher versions)

PowerPoints / Presentations
File is large, so right-click to download and
give it a few minutes. Contains many examples of
embedded video used in the course.

PDF Version of PowerPoints / Presentations
Sample of same slides... hosted online for you.
Great for students catching up on missed work.


The Appeasement Crisis

The Holocaust

The Israeli-Palestinian War of 1948


Student Copy of ImageMap/MindMap on 1948 War

Teacher Copy of ImageMap/MindMap on 1967 War

Cold War Alliances Map Assignment

Inforgraphic Assignment on the Gulf War
- Teacher Copy of page 1