Overview / Introduction

Welcome to the teacher resource center. The concept of creating curriculum for other teachers to use was born out of students’ comments towards the courses I taught. I have a background in web design and graphic design, and so the visual and aesthetic elements of a course have always been important to me. As the courses I taught evolved, student feedback helped guide me in what worked best, was most engaging, interesting, and effective. And that was what it was all about to me… engaging them. We can have the best information in the world, but if our students are taking mental vacations in the classroom, it is all in vain.

Every teacher knows about the media age in which we live, where it has become increasingly difficult to compete with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and every other social media fad that comes along. While teachers can bemoan these realities, I find myself constantly challenged to do better in how I teach. It’s not about competing… it is about engaging them. If I can hold their attention, make them wonder what’s coming next, challenge them, and make them forget about their cell phones for an hour… then I can see them learn.

Yes, kids should be enraptured by the sound of our voice. Yes, kids should WANT to learn, and come with eager minds. Yes, kids should be able to pay attention without media and constant stimulation. Yes, kids should look beyond our fifteen-year-old worksheets and dusty textbooks and see the treasure of knowledge they unlock. But… they don’t. Not most of them.

And… you wouldn’t either. Ever seen a bunch of teachers at a Pro-D day, or a workshop? We are the most critical, easily-distracted, and quickly-disinterested people on the planet. It’s amazing. But, we expect our worksheets and textbooks to mesmerize our students.

So… I’ve raised the bar - for myself, and therefore them as well. When kids see a course that I’ve poured my heart and soul into, they do respond. I’ve had incredible results teaching with these tools, and kids have paid me back for my efforts with great efforts of their own. By being open to criticism and ideas, the courses have been modified, changed, and improved. Now they are at a stage where I think they are ready for wider use. It does seem silly that we can develop great tools and techniques, and then have them used for such a small audience… does it not?

Course Format / Methodology

Courses available here are provided in their entirety in digital format. I do have coursepacks available to order, if you wish to do so, but all files you would need are given electronically.

This allows full customization, editing, selective usage, or whatever else you need. You are welcome to use everything… or just some. Once you purchase it, you are free to do with the course, within your school’s department, whatever you wish (barring reselling or giving away to others).

At the start of the year, I spend a day printing out coursepacks for my students. It takes a while, and uses some paper, but then I only visit the copier room for tests, and some specific assignments. It’s proven to be incredibly effective, and the coursepacks are always fresh, personal, and a wonderful tool to keep all students engaged and moving along with the teacher.

It’s the best of the textbook, merged with the best of the workbook, and enhanced by powerful visuals, hundreds of video clips, and your knowledge.

So now what?

Take a look at what the courses contain, view the sample pages, assignments, and presentations… and see if this will fit with your teaching plan. Maybe it’s time to do things a little differently, and to challenge both the students, and yourself, in new ways.

And since these courses are completely created already, all you need to do is start rolling with them. All you need is provided.

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